The importance of photographing your family & friends


One thing that I’ve enjoyed during lockdown, is watching our kids interact with each other – I mean watching and really seeing what they share; their closeness, laughter, and sense of fun. I’ve grabbed my camera (or even my iPhone at times) to document our ‘every day’, because I have the time and I don’t want to forget those fleeting moments. Sometimes photographing them doing stuff together, other times alone just enjoying their own space.

I’ve realised the importance of capturing snippets of our lives, little and often (even if they all tut when I’ve picked up my camera again!). When we look back on these photos, some moments will be big, others very small, but the memories are all special for one reason or another. They all portray our lives, here and now ~ how we are, and who we are.

I challenge you to take more photos of time shared with your family and friends. But not just that, print them too! Hard drives and data may not stand the test of time ~ preserve your memories in prints or photo books ~ if not for you, for your kids and their kids.


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  1. Gillian E. Hiscock

    Very true, family photographs create memories and awaken them too especially as the years go by looking back at the moments where the photographs were captured brings a tear or a smile and most of all memories to share.


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